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Walking with God

Is God speaking to us? Can we hear from God?

Anyone who knows the Bible or has at least heard of its stories will most likely have noticed that God is speaking to the people. Most of you may think that God only speaks to great personalities, such as Jesus

False Teachings

Is veneration of saints biblical? Is it allowed to worship Mary?

The Catholic Church doesn’t only worship Jesus as God, but also his Mother. Catholics justify this behavior by saying that Mary was sinless and gave birth to Jesus. Neither the Bible nor any other scripture says that Mary was without

About me

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Hello, my name is Jason Lauterbach. I have created this page to lighten the path for people who are desperately searching for God. I am not proud of what I am, but thankful for what the Lord has made me.

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Biblical answers

A Bible with two wedding rings which are against adultery and infidelity

What does the Bible say about adultery? Where does infidelity start?

Every person should be aware that adultery is a sin against God and His commandments, for it is written: Thou shalt not commit adultery (Exodus 20:14). However, nowadays adultery rather seems to be the norm than the exception. This circumstance is

A pot of wine with several cups next to a Bible

What does the Bible say about alcohol? Are Christians allowed to drink alcohol?

Every believer knows that excessive consumption of alcohol can addle someones mind and makes it more difficult to serve God. This truth can also be found in several passages of the Bible. Whoredom and wine and new wine take away

Two hands with tattoos questioning the commandments of the Bible

What does the Bible say about tattoos and piercings? Are Christians allowed to get a tattoo?

Is it allowed for a Christian to get tattoos or piercings according to the bible? The Old Testament has a clear and simple answer to this question. It says that we are not supposed to make any incisions or tattoos

Is the Trinity biblical? Is Jesus God?

The Trinity is probably the most popular doctrine of Christianity. It has been widely preached within the churches around the world. They even came up with a complex “image” which is supposed to explain their theory of the Trinity. It